Project Feederwatch

Project Feederwatch: Be a citizen scientist with Cornell University.

Be a citizen scientist! Project Feederwatch returns to the Anderson Main and Pendleton Libraries November 4-April 29.

To participate, visit the children’s area at either library any time on Fridays and Saturdays between November 4 and April 29. If you see any birds at the bird feeders, identify them with our aids or the Merlin app, then write down your findings.

At the end of each week, library staff will report your sightings to Cornell University’s Lab of Ornithology. That data tell scientists about changes in bird abundance and distribution across the United States and Canada, like where birds are and where they are not. This crucial information enables scientists to piece together accurate population maps and identify species that might be at risk.

Patrons can also explore great collections of picture books or nonfiction books for children and adults about birds, nature, backyard gardens, ornithology and more. For those who want even more educational activities to do at home, Cornell Lab provides free K-12 resources online.

Project Feederwatch at Pendleton Library is supported by the Upstate Master Naturalist Association and by Lowe’s Store #3071.