Friends Gallery at Pendleton Library

Are you a local artist who wants to display their work at the Library? The Anderson County Library System is looking for unique, engaging artists to show their work at our new Friends Gallery at the Pendleton Library! If you are interested in displaying your work, please fill out the application below. Questions? Contact Pendleton Branch Manager Dan Bonsall at

Friends Gallery at Pendleton Library Exhibition Application

Friends Gallery at Pendleton Library Exhibition Application

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Friends Gallery Exhibition Guidelines

1. All material exhibited must be the artist’s original work.

2. Paintings, photographs and artwork must be framed, mounted, or otherwise display-ready and numerous enough to fill the space allocated.

3. The gallery is a public space. The content of an exhibit should be suitable for all ages and meet all existing State and Federal laws on obscenity, libel, defamation, and invasion of privacy. The Director and/or their designee may remove any exhibit item at any time that does not meet these content Guidelines or any other library policy.

4. Exhibits are open to the public during regular library hours and are unsupervised; no admission fee may be charged.

5. The library will take normal precautions for the security of the exhibit but ultimate responsibility is the exhibitor’s. The library is not responsible for damage, loss, or theft, and provides no insurance coverage.

6. Exhibitors are encouraged to publicize their exhibit. Such publicity must not imply that the ACL has endorsed or otherwise recommended exhibited material or ideas. Mention of the ACL in publicity must be limited to stating viewing dates, times, and location.

7. Exhibit setup and breakdown times are assigned by the Library. No part of either process may start on Library property before the assigned time.

8. The Library provides gallery space and hangers but no other service, including but not limited to: staff assistance, extra lighting, or storage. Exhibitors must use the hanging system provided by the library.

9. All exhibits must use areas with picture rails. Damage to walls, gallery hanging equipment, or other parts of the library is the responsibility of the exhibitor and may result in repair fees.

10. Identifying information may be mounted with each exhibited item (title, medium, etc). Prices may not be displayed. Cards should be affixed to the artwork or to the wall with Elmer’s Tac ‘N Stik or the equivalent.

11. Handouts with artist information, additional explanations, and pricing may be provided. Exhibitors are solely responsible for the supply and maintenance of this material.

12. All exhibitors are strongly encouraged to hold an opening reception as part of the library’s Art Talk series. Refreshments may be served at receptions.

13. Artwork may not be removed from display prior to the agreed-upon end date of the exhibit.

14. No sales or other commercial business transactions are permitted on ACL property. ACL staff are not permitted to act as agents for any exhibitor.

15. Artists are limited to one exhibition in any 24-month period. Consideration may be given for a solo exhibition to artists who previously exhibited in a group show at the sole discretion of the library.

16. ACL reserves the right to adjust the exhibition schedule as necessary to accommodate library sponsored exhibits, programs, or other uses.

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