November 13, 2020

Meet Our Staff: Susan

Susan Manalli has worked as the cataloger and Head of Technical Services at the Anderson County Library System since 2008. She is an avid reader, a writer, and a talented watercolor artist. How did you begin working in libraries? I was working as a Spanish teacher and one of my best friends was a library aide at the high school’s library. She was getting her degree in Library Science and would share the things she was learning. She told me, “You should look into this. I think it would fit your personality.” This was when I was living in Wisconsin,
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November 6, 2020

Meet Our Staff: Rob

Rob is the Human Resources manager for the Anderson County Library System. After working over 20 years in corporate HR, he’s enjoying working with the staff of the Library System and spending relaxing weekends on the lake. How did you come to work with the Anderson County Library System? Almost by accident, actually! I moved to the Upstate from Washington, DC over 20 years ago. Until 2017, I was a corporate HR professional with Verizon. My career involved extensive travel throughout the US and, while the Upstate was home, I didn’t spend nearly as much time here as I wanted
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October 23, 2020

Meet Our Staff: Ali

Ali works part-time at the Iva Library. Originally from Arizona, she moved to Iva 20 years ago and started her farm, the Generositee Gypsy farm. She has three daughters and one granddaughter. What was it like moving from Arizona to Iva? It was a bit of an adjustment to small-town life. I was an herbalist and a wildcrafter in Tuscon, meaning I would go into the mountains to gather and harvest herbs and plants for local businesses. So I miss the mountains, but there is so much more water here, which is very different! And I love the water, especially
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October 16, 2020

Meet Our Staff: Jahnna

Jahnna is an Adult Programming and Reference Librarian at the Anderson County Library. She and her family moved to the Upstate from Long Island 30 years ago, and she started working for the Anderson County Library System 2 years ago. How did you begin working in libraries? When my daughter started school, I started volunteering in her school’s library. Eventually, I started working at the school library and then with the Greenville County Library System. After working there for a bit, I changed jobs and started working for Sealed Air’s corporate library in Duncan, S.C.  That was a very quiet
Meet Our Staff
Stephanie Albert works part-time at the Iva Branch Library. A long-time library patron, Stephanie enjoys researching the town’s history, cooking with her daughter, and playing with their new Beagle/Spaniel mix, Buddy. Can you tell me a little about growing up in Iva? Yes, not only did I grow up in Iva, but my mom and her parents grew up here as well. One thing my daughter says to me frequently is, “Mama, tell me a story about when I was little.” So for me, to have heard similar stories about my mom and grandparents and to live where I can visualize everything that
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