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Explore the Children’s Courtyard

Posted on June 1, 2021 by

Courtyard garden

Musical butterflies, chalkboard flowers, a StoryWalk®, and a sensory garden are some of the newest features added to the Children’s Courtyard at the Anderson Main Library, thanks to a generous donation from former County Councilmember Craig Wooten as well as local gardening associations.

PLAY MUSIC on the colorful musical butterflies. Each produces unique sounds for children and their families to create brilliant compositions or even try “Hot Cross Buns.”

WALK, SKIP, AND READ through the StoryWalk®, a creative, new way for children and adults to explore the pages of a book along each station. As the stations progress, so too do the pages of the book. Each station may also have an extra prompt that connects to the theme or events in the book. Every so often a new book will be featured in the StoryWalk® so children and their families can check back often.

WRITE OR DRAW on the bright chalkboard flowers blooming on a brick wall. Want to color outside the lines? Use our chalk to decorate the pavement too!

purple flowers in bloom

SEE THE GARDEN GROW. The courtyard gardens have seen major improvements thanks to grants from Anderson County Master Gardener’s Association and the Upstate Master Naturalists Association. A Carolina Fence Garden showcases many of the state’s symbols, such as the state flower Yellow Jessamine, the state stone Blue Granite, a birdhouse for the state bird, the Carolina Wren, and many native wildflowers and pollinators. In the adjacent garden bed, a sensory garden blooms each spring, inviting children and families to engage four of the five senses to see, hear, touch, and smell the plants, birds, and insects in the garden.

These new features and improvements engage exploring, learning, and reading while enjoying the outdoors would not have been possible without the generous support of Library donors, sponsors, and staff.

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