Patron Conduct Code

To ensure a suitable environment for library use in the Anderson County Library system, please abide by the following rules while in the libraries or on library property.

  1. Keep conversations, including cellular telephone conversations, quiet. Cell phone use is permitted, but ringers should be set to “vibrate” or “off.” No conversation or noise should disturb others in reading or study areas.
  2. Meeting rooms are available for groups. You must follow all meeting room regulations when using a meeting room.
  3. Listen to personal music devices only with earphones.
  4. Do not eat, smoke, or sleep in the library.
  5. Do not run or engage in other disorderly conduct.
  6. Do not sit on tables or place your feet on furniture.
  7. Do not use restrooms for meetings, bathing, loitering, sexual behavior or solicitation, or consumption of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs.
  8. Remain in public areas unless you are accompanied by a staff member. Do not loiter in the front entrance hall, or block walkways or otherwise interfere with movement anywhere on library property. You must leave the library at or before the designated closing time.
  9. Stealing, mutilating or defacing library property is against both our rules and the law. Circulating materials may be checked out at the front desk; all other materials must remain in the library. Willfully damaging, altering or removing computer equipment or configurations is prohibited.
  10. Do not solicit or sell anything, campaign, or distribute any materials without the express permission of library administration.
  11. Exhibitionism, offensive sexual behavior, and any type of assault on patrons or staff are prohibited. The police will be called in the event of such behavior.
  12. Weapons are prohibited in the library.
  13. Assistance and service dogs are welcome in the library. No other animals are permitted.
  14. Follow all fire regulations.
  15. Shoes or sandals and shirts should be worn in all library locations.
  16. All bags, backpacks and packages are the sole responsibility of the owner and should never be left unattended. The library staff is not responsible for monitoring personal items and reserves the right to remove, from the library property, any suspicious, unattended bags, backpacks, or packages.

If you break any of the above rules, you will be warned by library personnel and/or a security guard. If you persist in breaking the rules, you will be asked to leave the premises. If you refuse to leave, we will call the police. We may also suspend or cancel your library privileges.

Approved and adopted by the Anderson County Library System Board of Trustees. Last revised: September 2019.