Exhibits and Display Policy


The Purpose of the Exhibits and Displays Policy is to ensure that the Anderson County Library conveys a uniform, clear and accurate message regarding the posting and distribution of non-Library related materials.


Subject to overall policy of the Board of Trustees, the Library Director or his designee is responsible for the exhibits and displays at all Library locations and thus must abide by the framework or parameters for this policy. This document sets forth those frameworks and procedures.

Non-Library Related Information

The Library has a limited amount of space available for the distribution of free literature and displays. Only materials for non-profit organizations engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual or charitable activities in the community may be displayed. The Library does not endorse the activities and information contained in these non-Library displays and promotional materials. Commercial advertising will not be posted or displayed. The only place outside material may be displayed is in the appropriate display areas and only after being approved by the Library Director or their designee. In most cases the designee will be the Branch Librarian, Coordinator of Community Services, the Head of Extension, or the Assistant Library Director. The exception is that the Library may announce or display material relevant to its service and mission, including doing so in partnership and consort with another agency, institution or person. Groups and organizations booking or renting meeting rooms may display information and publications within the room, provided such display is in conformity with the rules and policies governing the use of the rooms. All notices, posters, and free literature must be approved and placed by library staff, space permitting.  Staff may discard items not approved for placement, and excess copies of any items received. The items must be professionally printed or neatly hand printed and no larger than 11 by 17 inches.

  1. Announcements for upcoming events may be posted no earlier than 30 days prior to an event. Items will be posted or made available on an equitable basis, subject to available space. The library staff will discard announcements after the event.
  2. Religious and political materials are permissible for informational purposes of special events; materials which have the primary effect to persuade toward a single point of view will not be displayed.
  3. In general, no items devoted solely to the sale, advertising, solicitation or promotion of commercial products or services for a single profit making business will be accepted.
  4. The Anderson County Library, governed by the Library Board and the County of Anderson, reserves the right to remove any item.
  5. Posting of a notice or placement of materials in a display rack or on a counter does not imply endorsement by library staff or Board of Trustees.
  6. No free standing signs or personal ads are permitted. Signs are to be placed in the library proper by library personnel. No signs are to be placed in the lobby.

Materials will be displayed for limited periods of time only. Items will be removed at the discretion of the Library staff. The Library System reserves the right to dispose of any items left in the library that do not meet the guidelines of this policy. The Anderson County Library System’s exhibit and display cases, including bulletin boards and electronic displays, are available for the exclusive use of the Library System, its partners, the Friends of the Library, and government agencies. This use is based on the availability of space as determined by the manager of each library facility.