Meeting Room Policy

Before requesting a meeting room reservation, please read the following policy regarding meeting room use. Clicking forward constitutes that you have read and agree to the meeting facilities policy as indicated below.

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Meeting Facilities Policy

The Anderson County Library provides meeting facilities for book signings and for the use of nonprofit, non-sectarian, and governmental organizations of Anderson County during business hours. The rules of use for the library’s facilities are designed to allow equal access to all qualified groups in the county. Any such groups, which agree to follow these rules, may use the facilities. Meeting rooms may not be booked for individual use.

Meeting rooms are available to patrons with valid Anderson County Library cards. Priority for use will be given to library-related programs and those co-sponsored by the library. Other organizations and groups will be granted permission for use on a first-come, first-served basis. All meetings held in the Library meeting rooms must be open to the public with no admission fee. Because the Library is a public facility, privacy cannot be guaranteed except for lawful executive sessions of governmental bodies. Our goal is to make our meeting facilities available to as many organizations and programs as possible. To this end, facilities may not be booked for ongoing, regular meetings. Facilities may be booked up to three months (90 days) in advance of the meeting date.

Library facilities may not be used for the following events: celebratory services, political campaigns, promotion of specific political candidates, personal social activities, and/or fundraising (except on behalf of the Library). Users must conform to the Library’s Patron Conduct Code. The Library reserves the right to have a representative attend any meeting held in its facilities to ensure that no unlawful activities or activities contrary to this policy or the Library’s Patron Conduct Code are occurring. Meetings are subject to all applicable federal, state, county, and municipal laws and regulations. No candles or other incendiary materials may be lit or burned.

Business and partisan political groups which seek to promote a product, idea, belief, or person to the general public, are prohibited from meeting in library facilities. Businesses that are training employees in citizenship, coping skills or other areas that assist employees in living a more productive life may meet. Groups may not use photos of any library location or the library’s logo in their advertisement. Only the library name and address should be used in any publicity for location purposes only. Anyone that abuses this policy may not be allowed to meet at any library location.

Internal meetings of political parties may meet. Meetings or training sessions that require more than one-day’s use must receive approval from the library director.

No admission fee, registration fee, tuition, or monetary solicitation may be sought from meeting attendees unless the Library co-sponsors the program. Exception: With approval from the library director, permission to charge fees or tuition may be given to professional organizations for educational or training seminars and programs, or to area colleges for courses of an educational or cultural nature. Any fees necessary to support such programs must be collected outside the library. The library will not take registrations nor collect money for non-library sponsored events.

The purchase of any item as a condition for attending a meeting is not allowed. Programs that involve the sale of goods, processes, products, or services are prohibited. Exception: library-sponsored programs in which sales benefit the library.

The library board of trustees and library staff do not necessarily endorse the thoughts, principles, beliefs, or doctrines of a group or individual using the meeting facilities, any more than they endorse the thoughts, principles, beliefs, or doctrines of every book on library shelves. The library reserves the right to refuse or cancel any reservations if, in the judgment of library officials, it is in the best interest of the library to do so.

Sponsors using meeting facilities shall be required to indemnify and hold harmless the library from any and all claims or actions attributable to the use of the library facilities. The sponsors may be required to provide a certificate of insurance to the library, insuring it from liability and claims resulting from the sponsor’s use of the facilities.

Users of the facilities may not use the library as a mailing address. Non-library groups meeting in the library may not claim endorsement by the library or state or imply that the library is sponsoring the program. Publicity announcing meetings must not imply library sponsorship. Copies of announcements may be requested for approval before distribution.

Reservations for a meeting must be made at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting. A meeting reservation form must be completed at least two days (or 48 hours) before the meeting takes place. Reservation forms must be filled out during Administrative office hours, 9:00-5:30, Monday through Friday. The person representing an organization requesting use of a room must sign a statement that he or she has read this policy and agrees to accept the responsibilities stated herein. This person must be an Anderson County Library cardholder in good standing. (See Addendum 5 Meeting Room Reservation Form)

Meeting room setup is the responsibility of the meeting room user. Chairs and tables may not be moved from one room to another. Library employees and staff are not available to move tables and chairs or otherwise assist with setup. Janitorial service is not provided. Users are responsible for removing all meeting materials and leaving the room clean and orderly, or additional charges may be made by the Library to cover janitorial expenses. These charges will be assessed against the library cardholder signing the reservation request. This applies regardless of whether a rental fee is charged. No materials or equipment may be stored in any meeting room or closet for any length of time. The library assumes no responsibility for items left in meeting rooms.

The person(s) or organizations conducting the meetings accept full responsibility for proper conduct of those attending the meeting, and any damage to library property by those attending. The chairman or host for the meeting is responsible for maintaining quiet conditions during the meeting, as well as while entering and leaving the library. When a facility is to be used by groups or organizations of students or other young people (18 or younger), an adult sponsor must make the reservation and must be present and responsible for the entire meeting.If using the library’s audio-visual equipment, the group/individual using such equipment is responsible for damage, loss, or theft of the equipment requested.  A deposit may be required for use of A-V equipment.

The library reserves the right to move an activity or program to another suitable location within the library.

Room Fees and Regulations
Food and drink, but no alcoholic beverages, may be served in the meeting rooms located on the first floor of the library. Boxed meals, snacks and catered meals are acceptable. Food and drink may not be taken out of these meeting rooms.


  • Please check in with staff upon arrival and give notice when finished.
  • The person making the reservation is responsible for seeing that all meeting room requirements are met.
  • Meeting Rooms will be open fifteen (15) minutes prior to meeting time.
  • Meeting Rooms are reserved for the times indicated at the time of reservation. Meetings must begin and end on time. Applicants must leave meeting rooms at the determined time unless approval to stay longer is given by library staff.
  • ALL meetings must end 30 minutes before the library closes.

Groups requesting use of these rooms will be charged the following fees if food/drink is used:

  • Light Refreshments (coffee, soft drinks, snacks) $10.00
  • Sandwiches/Boxed Lunches $20.00
  • Meals, catered or covered dish $30.00

Food may only be served in the first floor meeting rooms of the Main Library. Fee is per room. The first floor meeting room is made up of three rooms. If the entire first floor meeting room is used, it is considered three rooms.
If food is brought in without informing the library, the fee will increase to $50 payable immediately or the food is removed from the library. All tables used for food, either serving or eating, must be covered. The library does not provide table coverings.

The large podium in Meeting Room C MUST NOT be moved. Even the slightest movement may result in damage to the equipment. Moving the podium may result in the loss of the privilege of using the meeting rooms and/or charges for repairs. The library has portable podiums that can be set up for any meeting. If you require a microphone, it must be checked out from the Circulation Desk.

  • Main Meeting Room (seats 250; consists of meeting rooms A, B, & C)
  • Meeting Rooms A, B, or C (seats 75)
  • Executive Board Room (seats 30)
  • First floor conference room and second floor conference rooms 1, 2, and 3 (seats 10)

Applicable fees must be paid when reserving the room.
A minimum fee of $15, with a sliding scale, will be charged to any organization/individual if a meeting room, conference room, board room or kitchen is not left in good condition, as determined at the discretion of the library. This fee will be in addition to any other fee.

County government agencies are not charged fees for use of library facilities or equipment.

Failure to comply with any regulations may jeopardize future meeting room use.

Revised November 11, 2017. Passed by the Anderson County Library Board of Trustees on November 11, 2017.