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Meet Our Staff: Jahnna

Posted on October 16, 2020 by

Jahnna at her desk

Jahnna is an Adult Programming and Reference Librarian at the Anderson County Library. She and her family moved to the Upstate from Long Island 30 years ago, and she started working for the Anderson County Library System 2 years ago.

How did you begin working in libraries?

When my daughter started school, I started volunteering in her school’s library. Eventually, I started working at the school library and then with the Greenville County Library System. After working there for a bit, I changed jobs and started working for Sealed Air’s corporate library in Duncan, S.C.  That was a very quiet job, primarily taking requests for and locating scientific articles. I had a lot of time for reading at that job!

I also worked for Furman University for quite a while as an accompanist, which I loved. My first Master’s is in Piano Performance, and while I was in that program I took a class on Bibliography. I had been thinking about libraries already, so I just decided, “Why not?” and started my Master’s in Library and Information Science. Working in libraries was originally my Plan B, but I love it.

Did you always want to play piano?

No, actually I never had any attraction to the piano growing up. We had one in my house, but it wasn’t until my mother asked if I wanted to take lessons. I thought, “Sure, why not?” I then just sort of took to it, and went on from there. For a time growing up, I wanted to be a concert pianist. Now, I teach piano, I play professionally in the area, I kind of collect jobs. I also play with my daughter. We do duets together, which is wonderful.  

What are your favorite books to read?

Oh, anything really. I’m on a psychological thriller kick right now. I really like reading books with family dynamics. I like reading mysteries and thrillers and finding out what the twist is, and whether it’s believable or not.

I read a lot of nonfiction too, and I go through phases. I’ve read a lot of Tudor history, and I love reading books by Mary Roach, Malcolm Gladwell, and Bill Bryson. I like books with specific topics and focus, like how to be an astronaut or the history of sanitation. I also love sociological books, exploring why people do what they do.

I usually have an audiobook and a physical book that I’m reading at the same time. Audiobooks are great for my commute, but I also love reading a book that I can hold in my hands. For me, reading isn’t a hobby; it’s a necessity.

What do you enjoy about your job?

I really love how creative I get to be. I always need an aspect of creativity in whatever job I have, and here I get to really express that through crafting programs and the make-and-take craft kits I’m doing now.

I also like helping people find what they need. It’s like a treasure hunt. I was first interested in libraries for what happens behind the scenes, how books are cataloged so that they’re organized and people can more easily find what they need.

You can find Jahnna at the Anderson Main Library, usually with a new crafting project and a new book to share.

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