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Meet Our Staff: Cheryl

Posted on September 18, 2020 by

Cheryl Hughes, the Jennie Erwin Library branch manager

Born and raised in Honea Path, Cheryl Hughes has been the manager of the Jennie Erwin Library in Honea Path for 28 years. She’s seen a lot of children grow during those years, and she loves getting to meet new readers each day.

Are you originally from the Honea Path area? 

Yes, I have lived on the same road my entire life.  I went to Honea Path schools and was in the second graduating class at Belton-Honea Path High.

What brought you to working with the Anderson County Library System?  

My daughter was not quite a year old when the office I was working in closed.  My husband and I decided that I would stay home with her until she started school.  Five years later, when she was starting first grade, I discovered an opening at the Jennie Erwin Library. I applied, and twenty-eight years later I’m still here!

The Jennie Erwin Library is an original Carnegie library.  What is it like as the manager of that library? 

It has been a real privilege and honor for me to work here.  It is very rewarding to see children come in for the first time and begin getting books, and then to see their love of reading develop through the years. There is a lot of history here, and many individuals and families have stopped to come in, look at the library, and take pictures.  Several students throughout the years have completed projects with information about the library.  I think for the size of this library, the amount of information we have on our shelves and the computer access is phenomenal.   

What is your favorite thing about the Jennie Erwin Library or about the Honea Path community? 

We have many patrons that come in and often express their feelings about our library by saying, “I just love this library.”  That is the way I feel as well. This has been my home away from home for twenty-eight years.  The children that came in when I first started working here are now coming in with their children.  From time to time I see “those grown up children” now around town and they will ask me, “Are you still at the library?” or “Do you remember me?” I hope somehow, in some way, I have had an impact on their love of books and reading.  Being in a small town, we know most of our patrons by name; they become like family.

What do you like to read? 

I enjoy reading Christian fiction and light mysteries. Currently, I am reading Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl.  Frankl was a Nazi concentration camp survivor. 

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