Anderson County Library System

Author and Small Press Fair

The Library’s annual Local Author and Small Press Fair is back in person! On Saturday, December 3, local authors, small press publishers, and literary artists will be at the Anderson Main Library to meet with readers and have items available for purchase. It’s the perfect chance to do some holiday shopping while supporting local authors, publishers, and artists.

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Participating authors, small publishers, and literary crafters:

Angela Mason Lowe  

Clemson University Press  

Colleen Hall  

The Dark Corner Zine  

Dennis Trimboli  

Elizabeth Sumner Wafler  

Elysabeth Eldering

Jay Wright  

JL Casten  

John Harris  

Kate Salley Palmer  

Kathryn Smith  

Kirsten Morgan  

Leigh Ann Buckner  

Liz Newall  

Maris Lawyer  

Patricia Jones Wood  

Rebecca Dwight Bruff  

Sandra Kay Vosburgh  


Theresa Jenner Garrido  

White Knight Cosplay