Electric City ComiCon

Electric City ComiCon 2017

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Fan Art Contest Winners

Winning art will be on display at the Anderson Arts Center from August 17-31.

1st –  Jaylen-Michael McLeroy – “Alien Ninja”
2nd –  Sophie Greer – “Galaxy Girl”
3rd – Jamari Smith – “One-eyed Dinosaur Alien Ride”
Fan Favorite: Zoey Mclellan – “Go Green”

1st – Charlie Crassaris – “The Metlop Alien People First Red Moon Space Landing”
2nd – Jake Greer – “Cosmo the Spacedog”
3rd – Victoria Riddle – “Edge of the Earth”
Fan Favorite: Liam Hopkins – “BB-8”

1st – Claire Mann – “Space Dreams”
2nd – Lucian Williamson – “Grump’s Adventures in Dreamland”
3rd – Aaryn Nagasaki – “Unknown”
Fan Favorite: Elizabeth McDonald – “E.T.”

1st – Chris Stanzione – “Space Girl”
2nd – Destany Fuller – “Space Gem (Rick & Morty)”
3rd – Ashley McLeroy – “Evolution of Aliens”
Fan Favorite: Lindsay Richardson – “A Game of Thrones”

Cosplay Contest Winners

1st – Ian Ferraro – Poseidon
2nd – Cora Fellabaum – Poison Ivy
3rd – Julia Jackson – Rey

1st – Gracie Hawthorne – Tohru
2nd – Bailey Phinney – Sakura
3rd – Rhiannon Greer – 11th Doctor and Amy

1st – Gina Carter – Captain America USO Girl
2nd – Victoria – Rarity (My Little Pony)
3rd – Sydney Shepard – Agent Carter

1st – Heather, Trae, and Aiden Dubay – Mandolorians
2nd – Amanda and Melanie –Quest for Camelot
3rd – Ochart Family – Star Wars Rebels



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This program is supported by SC Humanities, a not-for-profit organization; inspiring, engaging and enriching South Carolinians with literature, history, culture and heritage. Visit their website, www.schumanities.org. This project is also funded in part by the South Carolina Arts Commission which receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts. Visit their website, www.southcarolinaarts.com.